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Castor meal
Time:2014-10-27 11:03:57

Castor meal contains about 40% protein, because it contains castor base, ricin, allergens, blood coagulation factors and other toxic ingredients, resulting in this protein meal have long been used as a fertilizer.
The study found that will be used as feed after detoxification of castor meal is entirely possible, for sheep, rabbits do feeding study, more than 90 percent on average digestibility, protein digestibility of poultry for castor cake was 77%. According to modern nutrition analysis, castor meal is a high protein food, containing about 40% of high-quality protein, 1.2% fat, 14% carbohydrates, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus substances. Contains 17 kinds of amino acids in the ricin. Amino acids contained in soy and castor cake volume approaching, both still inadequate, if a mixture of both consumption can be achieved by complementary amino acids.
Castor meal can also be used to make amino acid sauce, castor cake after acid hydrolysis of the total nitrogen content of 0.927% made ​​of advanced soy sauce, soy sauce 500-600㎏ can produce 100 kg cake, and, acid hydrolysis process can be cake destroy all the various toxic substances, the animal test results showed no toxicity. Ricin by globulin, albumin, gluten and other components, dissolved in lye colloidal, highly adhesive properties, can be used as high-level mechanism of wood glue.

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