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Automatic organic castor oil press machine
Time:2016-07-25 10:34:06

Castor oil press machine is a kind of low temperature screw oil press machine, which is specially designed for pressing a variety of oil seeds, especially for pressing organic plants and high value added economiccrops. Cold oil press machine can press oil from oil seeds with low temperature, high oil yield and residual oil rate. The pressed oil is of in light color, good quality and rich nutrition, which can reach international market standards.

Hot Castor Oil Press heat ring

Advantages: Hot press oil mahine with heat ring, the heating temperature is adjustable. Before pressed, materials need to be fried to remove moisture from material. By this way, after pressed the cake residual oil rate is very low, while the oil output is oil press no need second press.Hot pressed oil smells aroma,it had a very strong odor.

Disadvantages: Without further processing of hot oil,This oil has a very dark color, and contain a high acid value.

Cold Castor Oil Press

Advantages: Cold press oil make sure all kinds of nutrition in the materials are not been damaged,Cold press oil is also helpful for people's healthy; When cooking,cold press oil will generate less cooking fumes than hot press,which can solve the troubles of some housewives.

Disvantages: Use cold pressed method of oil extraction, Oil yield is low, cake need for secondary press.

Details Description

1.Screw thread of Castor Oil Press

(1). Pressing screw structure for the three press,this structure can ensure that the material is sufficiently squeezed.

(2). The screw thread is made of Cr12 die steel. Cr12 die steel has a high resistance to abrasion,which can prolong the service life of the machine.

2. Strip rows of the castor oil press machine

(1). New type oil press machine uses strip rows.The space between screw rows is very small, reduced the skimming riser, so improved the oil output.

(2). At the same time, new type oil press' s barrel uses electric heating rings to make sure the best temperature for oil press. Also can according different materials to change different temperature.

3. Vacuum filter of Castor Oil Press

Except LK50 Type, all models castor oil press machine with two vacuum oil filter, as you see the belowing picture, after pressed oil, oil will br filtered by the vacuum oil filter, this way to remove impurities, make the oil more clean and healthy.


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