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The different advantages oil pressing and oil extraction
Time:2016-08-16 09:39:15

I. Processing technology  of  oil press machine

1. Physical crushing process will oil seed crush with water (water is to prevent Chaojiao), and then into the pot fry cooked, reentry expeller pressing, the crude oil (semi finished product oil, the hair oil sedimenting through hair oil refining, finally made from edible oil

2, Chemical technology of oil extraction first oil pressed into pieces sheet, with six light gasoline soaked, the oil dissolved in light gasoline formed mixed oil, and then the mixed oil for heating and distillation to remove light gasoline, made of semi finished product oil, rapeseed crude oil high temperature chemical degumming refining, decolorization, removing odor (15 degrees Baume of alkali refining; decolorization with bentonite clay and appropriate to add activated carbon) and finally made of edible oil.

II. The advantages of oil press machine 

1, Do not destroy the linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, to retain the original nutritional components of oil crops (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.), but also retains the original natural flavor of the plant.

2, Basically no chemical residues.

3, Low temperature, physical process, does not produce carcinogenic benzopyrene.

4, There is a natural antioxidant in vegetable oil, can not add or less artificial synthesis of antioxidants.

III, Leaching of the advantages of the legal system

1 Extraction of the legal oil, either direct leaching, or pre pressing leaching, can be the residual oil after the extraction of the oil rate control in the following 1%.

2. In the extraction method of oil production, due to the operating temperature of the process are relatively low, making degree of denaturation of protein in the solid material is smaller and meal quality corresponding to better. This meal feeding value or from the meal extraction plant protein are very favorable.

3. Extraction method of oil production cost is low. The reason is: the production line is complete, the higher mechanization degree, production automation, less leaching plant operators, low labor intensity; legal oil leaching technology for energy consumption corresponding to low.

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