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How to use hydraulic castor oil press machine
Time:2016-08-22 09:02:32

Hydraulic castor oil press is popular in recent years, a kind of oil press machines, won the love and approval of this press user. Mechanical First  is engaged in the manufacture of hydraulic oil press equipment, specialized companies, since the plant always adhere to the to the science and technology as the guide. Continue to forge ahead, to fully meet the market demand. Now the First  press manufacturers make a  explain about  the advantages of hydraulic oil press machine, fast 6YY-230 barrel type hydraulic oil press machine as an example.


From better processing of fast subject to the principle of hydraulic press is the use of liquid transfer pressure, the oil in a doughnut squeeze the oil out of a gap type crushing machine. The machine structure is simple, operation is convenient, the power consumption is small, good quality, can process many kinds of oil, suitable for oil products, the number is not large area of small refineries, scattered oil processing. In addition 6YY-230 cylinder type hydraulic press machine has completely changed the traditional oil extraction methods, the oil processing, especially of sesame oil into the machine to squeeze net, six to eight kilograms only 6-10 minutes a virgin net, speed fast, high taste, well received by customers all over the favorite.


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