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Low consumption of Castor Oil Mill
Time:2016-09-20 10:42:34

Castor oil extraction process to extract the castor oil called "castor oil refining", good quality, unique flavor, is deeply loved by Chinese people, mainly as a salad oil and blend oil. But water extraction process has the small production scale, distributed processing, old-fashioned technology, equipment backward, low labor productivity , high cake residual oil , high containing water, easy to bad smell, poor utilization rate.And steaming and frying temperature is very high, some components under high temperature, coking bitter, will affect the quality of the cake.


Squeezing method and pre-pressing----castor oil sovlent extraction are expellering oil by machine, the fragrance is poor than castor oil extraction process, because the castor is high oil content , squeezing method need two pressing to improve oil yield efficiency and thus increases power consumption, oil color depth, the fragrance is poorer, the more production of oil residue and filter mud, but the press cake can enter the oil extractor to extracting oil again, leaching of castor oil need refining, lost the inherent flavor, only as a general cooking oil.But we have a special strong-flavor castor oil refining equipment,it can through special processing to nremain sesame oil peculiar flavor.


 I suggest that choose castor oil expellering by machine, the castor oil machine can control strictly steaming and frying temperature, keep the castor oil flavor, and machine can reduce the loss of castor, increasing oil yield efficiency and improve.


Press equipment needs what process of castor oil :


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