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Time:2014-11-05 10:11:17

The purpose of softening is to soften the oil temperature and moisture regulation, so that the oil has a suitable plasticity, reducing powder degrees and when the phenomenon of roll billets, and ensure the quality of the blank sheet. Softening can also reduce wear and vibration rolling billet oil to roll the machine, in order to facilitate normal billets operations.
Pellets require softened elastic-plastic and have appropriate internal and external uniform to meet flaking process requirements. To this end, according to the fuel type and should be softened water contained in the different operating conditions of the softening formulation, it is determined by heating to the water softening operation of the heating or wet. When fuel moisture is high, while heating should be appropriate to remove the moisture. On the contrary, should be heated, an appropriate amount of water was added to the wet steam. When the softening temperature is lower the higher the water content of the oil. On the other hand, the softening temperature should be higher. In addition, we must ensure there is enough time to soften. Conditions should also be adjusted according to the softening effect of billets.

Commonly used to soften softening equipment has layered pot and roller soften pot. Layered structure as layered soften pot steaming wok. Softening pan structure as drum rotary dryer. Also known as horizontal drum softening softening pot pot. A ring gear and two cast iron pan rail softened cylindrical housing, the drive means by the engagement of the gear and the ring gear, and a uniform rotation of the entire barrel, the idler rollers via the guide rails to support the entire weight.
There are several built drum set with rotating cylinder heating pipes, spiral welded cylinder inner wall plate. The inclination angle of the roller installation is 5 ° ~ 6 °. Oil into the cylinder from the feed end, the inclination and the inner spiral plate and push the barrel of the movement to the other end of the drum unloading. The oil is heated in the drum exhaust pipe is heated and softened. Horizontal pan feature is due to the softening of rotation of the drum so that turning the material more uniform, avoiding the dead angle due to char, rather than the phenomenon caused by the movement of the material of the softening effect of uniform and thorough, and the power consumption is small.

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