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Centrifugal oil filter
Time:2014-11-06 09:45:38

Centrifugal oil filter is First machinery through our factory technicians carefully designed to comply with national safety standards of the most advanced oil filtering equipment.
This machine is the use of a powerful centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of the drum will be slag and heavy oils of different quality than the solid-liquid separation, to achieve the purpose of the oil filter can be directly lit experiment, can not afford to foam does not overflow the pot, you can reach the national two standards.
Centrifugal oil filter characteristics:
1. filtering speed, 3-4 minutes per filter once every oil filter amount 15-20kg, the amount of clean filter once every 1000kg diesel, easy to operate.
2. Compared with other equipment, long-term use without any consumable, no more cleaning cloth and clean cloth consumption.
3. power, turn on the power, cut off the power supply after adding crude oil, using centrifugal force generated by the oil drum filter, Absolute outflow after the drum is stationary.
4. Use effective than all other filtration equipment, such as a plate and frame filter cloth and oil filter replacement trouble cloth consumption, pressure filtration and sludge too much pressure too dangerous detonate repeatedly turned inefficient defects, using the centrifugal filter machine no consumable parts purchase, power-saving, effective, oleaginous high purity, bright color, can be directly sold canned or eaten directly.
5. centrifugal oil filter design Description: Equipment small but high-tech, one of which is the drum counterweight problems during high-speed rotation, a slight bias ruler, even if only one millimeter, high-speed rotation of the drum is like a vibrator, coupled with vibration and extreme liquid, and finally to the liquid-solid resonance, although the outer jacket to protect the body without danger, visceral parts will cause a lot of damage, a lot of peer halfway terminals. And I plant scientists over the years has been committed to the study, repeated experiments to overcome the difficulties, the use of cylinder compression molding, through internal and external circular grinding clean-up by centripetal force to balance the axial movement of the centrifugal force, so that high-speed rotating drum balance the problem is resolved, so that the aircraft smooth operation, high safety performance, using precision sealed device, so that twist and motor Siamese member impermeable oil spill.

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