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Shelling equipment
Time:2014-11-10 09:31:01

Shelling equipment working conditions, such as the selection of shelling equipment speed oil flow evenly, shelling the work surface wear etc. will influence on the peeling effect, should be properly used according to different oil and shelling requirements.
As in centrifugal sheller works using the impact method for peeling, hulling machine mainly depends on the impact force force of Oilseeds in the disc to generate centrifugal force or plate, and its size and rotary speed or beater speed size and quality is directly proportional to the size of grain. Therefore, shucking machine hulling efficiency and quality and shelling machine turntable turntable speed, structure, plate number, grain size and uniformity of the quality, material size has the very big relations.
In the knife plate shelling machine work by using shear method for peeling, drum speed increased, while shelling rate increased, but the corresponding whole rate is low. The size of the gap between the knife plate, oil processing capacity, hulling rate and whole rate influence. When the gap increases, the phenomenon of increased leakage of seeds, hulling rate and treatment decreased, but the grinding degree decreases, whole rate increase.
In the use of roll type sheller working extrusion method for peeling, roll speed, roll, roll two speed difference between the rolling gap, roll groove shape have direct influence on the descaling effect. The roll speed is higher, the peeling rate is higher, the larger the processing quantity. Two roller speed difference is bigger, hulling rate is higher, but the greater the shelling material comminution degree. Roll the rolling distance between the smaller, hulling rate is higher, the greater the degree of grinding, processing quantity is more, the greater the power consumption.

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