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Oil sheller
Time:2014-10-31 10:35:46

Oil sheller:
1. Increase the amount of processing equipment
Various types of oil equipment, has its nominal amount of processing. Since the hull occupy a certain size and weight, so the shell and then peel oil through oil can increase the amount of oil processing equipment.
2. to reduce the wear of the equipment
Some oil hull is very hard, if not good or benevolence peel containing shell volume, will cause a strong oil equipment wear and tear, so that the various parts wear out quickly. As for the flaking rolls, conveyor auger blades, especially the pressing screw press, squeeze juice bars and rings and other parts due to wear and tear. High shelling efficiency, containing less kernels hull, it can reduce wear and tear on the equipment, the production of beneficial and can extend the life of the equipment.
3. To improve the quality of crude oil and meal
Hull oil zones varying degrees have some pigment and wax. If the kernel shell containing more fat will affect the appearance, taste, odor, color and transparency.
4. conducive flaking
When the shell or germ oil contains high amounts of kernel shells were flaking, often difficult embryo rolled into thin sheets, therefore, kernel shell containing less plasticity conducive flaking, so rolling out of the embryo slice thickness uniformity, have some flexibility and strength.

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