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Oil Cleanup Methods
Time:2014-11-04 10:20:45

Oil Cleanup Methods: Oil cleanup have screening, winnowing, several methods magnetic separation, etc., the following method of cleaning up oil on the principles we detail.
① Screening Screening is the use of particle size (width, thickness, length) of the difference between the oil and the impurities separated by the process of the sieve impurities. Commonly used screening device has a fixed screen, vibrating screen and rotary screen and so on. Their main job is to screen surface part, to a reasonable selection of oils and impurities according sieve particle shape and size.
② winnowing winnowing is the speed difference between the use of suspended oil and impurities, with the wind impurity approach. The main objective is to clear the winnowing light impurities and dust, while also removing part of the heavier stones and clods and other impurities, this method is commonly used in cottonseed and sunflower and other oil cleanup. Wind sorter can be divided into two kinds of suction and blowing.
③ magnetic separator oil removal method is the use of magnetic force of magnetic metal impurities. Oil plant commonly used magnetic separation device has two kinds: permanent magnet permanent magnet drum and barrel.
④Cleaning mud alongside shape, size and oilseed equal or close, and the proportion of oil is also not very significant difference between the soil aggregates, called "side by side mud", especially in rapeseed and soybeans, alongside clay content than large, with a screening and winnowing equipment which are not able to effectively remove, you must use a special method and apparatus before, cleaning mud wells shoulder the main equipment iron roller rice mill, rubber roller hulling machine, round disc sheller, horizontal and vertical cylindrical sieve drum beat playing sieve.

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