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mobile oil press
Time:2014-11-12 09:51:38

The superiority of the mobile oil press:
1, wide purpose, common oil such as castor seed, peanut, sesame, flax, sunflower, walnut and so on can be squeezed, not subject to geographical restrictions.
2, mobile, small oil household machine bottom can add the glide wheel, moving only in one finger.
3, high oil yield, household two-phase electric press to increase the pressure point, to multistage propulsion, strengthen the squeezing degree of raw materials, improve the oil yield, at the same time to speed up the work efficiency. In the groove design unique, more convenient oil outflow, from hardware to further improve the oil yield. Use a variety of fine filtration system, realize the true sense of the filter pressing one, improve the degree of automation of the press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
4, a high degree of automation, household electric heating, in two-phase press press, vacuum filtration and integration, which greatly simplifies the operation process.
5, durable, pressing surface components of domestic press a drawing forming, and automatic precision polishing, improves the pressing system accuracy and finish machining, the user after purchase, simply try to squeeze can be put into normal production. Adjustment of the feeding system, made creative technical innovation on the screw, the feed speed is accelerated apparently, production increased significantly. The use of alloy steel and casting match, to meet the requirements of long-term continuous production, the quality of the machinery stable performance, durable.

Advantage and usage of mobile oil press:
1, the integration of the whole unit. Integrated unit installation form, eliminates the installation operation of complicated split assembly site infrastructure, reduce the consumption of materials and man hour. Space layout reasonable and compact unit, enhance the flexibility of site stationed.
2, mobility and flexible. Coarse broken mobile press station vehicle chassis high, body width is smaller than the operation of semi trailer, the turning radius is small, easy to common road, more convenient for traveling in the rugged poor road environment oil field region. Rapid in site saves time. More conducive to the construction in the reasonable region, provides a more flexible space and reasonable distribution for the whole press process.
3, strong adaptability of flexible configuration. Coarse broken mobile press station, according to the coarse crushing and fine crushing and screening system, can be a single set of independent operations, can also be flexible system configuration unit combined operation. Hopper side offers a diverse configuration flexibility for screening material transport, diesel generator unit in addition to the integration in the configuration of the unit power supply, also can be targeted to the configuration process system of combined power supply unit.
4, reduce material costs of transportation. Coarse broken mobile press station, on-site press can be the first line of materials, eliminates the material is removed from the site and then press the middle link, greatly reduce the transportation costs of materials. In addition to lengthen unit more directly to the material press into transport carriage bucket, turn away from the scene.
5, direct and effective operation effect. Series mobile press integrated station, can be used alone, can also according to customer requirements for the material type, product flow, provide process configuration more flexible and meet user mobile press, mobile screening requirements, make the students into the organization, logistics transport more efficient, reduce the cost to achieve maximum.

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