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The new type oil press
Time:2015-04-24 17:05:59

The new type oil press:
1, the structure: the structure of the machine the main micro electrical automatic control part, heating part, press adjusting part, transmission part and a vacuum oil filter of five parts.
2, the principle of work: the oil from the oil pan as inflow through filter on top of the barrel, a vacuum pump, a bucket of air out, negative pressure is formed in the barrel, oil is pumped into the barrel through the filter cloth, and the residue was isolated in cloth top, then get the oil as pure oil.
The characteristics of the new type oil press:
The power of small, high yield, less electricity per hour 3-5KW, with the press than cold pressing machine equivalent yield of modified model has the advantages of energy saving, a squeeze net, a machine is mature oil and automatic temperature control heating, saving time and labor, high yield, aroma espresso.
The advantage of the new type oil press:
1, a high rate of oil: about 3-6% higher than the ordinary oil press, feeding oil for 2 minutes, a squeeze net, and the ordinary machinery to press 2-3 times, new oil First machine which belongs to a multifunctional oil type.
2, the machine can also be cold pressing, instead of cold pressing machine.
3, the oil flavor and color: oil would fragrance oil is very important, this machine is out of the oil flavor espresso, one hundred meters can smell its fragrance and color of the original, is far more than the ordinary oil press, slightly processed oil detergency, foam can not afford to, do not smoke.
4, Henan First mechanical vacuum oil press oil squeeze is high-temperature sterilization belongs to mature oil, there is a very strong smell, can be directly cold dishes and seasonings, almost can replace oil, vacuum oil press the oil fragrance is not the traditional press than any, oil flavor espresso, this also we are the promotion of the machine reason.
5, low energy consumption: low power, high yield, yield than the same old mechanical small 3-5kw, with products per hour, saving 5 degree calculation, daily production can save 50 yuan in electricity, motor power is also used to oil mobility than small.
6, labor: because automatic control, automatic heating, than the same yield of the old mechanical labor 50%, 1-2 will be on production, labor cost about 30 yuan.

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