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Oil refining
Time:2014-11-14 10:06:26

Oil refining in a nutshell is "refining", that crude oil squeezed a series of solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipids, gum, wax, pigments, odor removal and disposal, etc., thereby improving the quality and taste of edible oil .
Under normal circumstances, we would not have carried out the rendering of a "crude oil", the vast majority of crude oil in the mixture mixed acid glycerides, namely oil, containing only a very small amount of impurities. Although small amounts of these impurities, but enough to affect oil quality and stability.

Why oil refining so important? First, you can enhance the storage stability of oil, refined oil after a longer storage time; secondly, to improve the flavor of fat, no refined oil due to impurities, etc., and therefore taste better than refined after; and finally, improve oil color, hair oil impurities and free fatty acids and other harmful substances after being refined, refined oil will become more clear, translucent, taste and flavor will add a lot of points. With changes in diet, high quality edible oil consumers increasingly become the object of pursuit. It is more popular in the level of compliance with national standards of edible oil refining edible oil.
Oil refining First Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. does not take evasive on the negative attitude of edible oil security issues, we actively respond to safety problems exist in reality, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality oil refining equipment, but also I hope the majority of consumers can eat healthier cooking oil!

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