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The proper use of a hydraulic press
Time:2015-06-16 10:21:04

The proper use of a hydraulic press,Hydraulic press large area, low power consumption, good cake quality, wider use in our countryside, which is used to peanuts, soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed and other oil crops press oil, for veal. Now on the use of knowledge are described below:
1, check and debug
① before the pump test, the first in a tank with a clean machine oil or vegetable oil, move up and down the pressure handle, press the plunger to see whether the rise. If the piston does not rise or handle move effortlessly in pressure when the tank to check the valve, and the exclusion of the air pipe.
② carry out the whole pressure test, test using a pressure of 1.25 times the operating pressure, check piston out to the maximum working stroke, regulation 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading should not exceed 4% decline in the value of the test pressure; all the oil should be no leakage; after removing all pressure, pressure gauge pointer returns to "0" bits, parts should be no damage, trolley may not have significant deformation, no moving parts wiring.

                            hydraulic press
③ reliability test of the safety valve, the valve is adjusted to the working pressure (+5 upper left, lower left +1) MPa, test five times in a row, the needle valve opening and closing sensitive valve pressure gauge readings after each jump should not be low rated working pressure.
2, using the operation
① according to the different fuel, master cake pressed into the billet temperature and moisture content.
② when pressed on the lower top plate to minimize position, loosen the tie rod nuts activities, unplug the two active pins, rotate the lever on the side activities. Cake successively loaded into the chamber after pressing, the active lever back in situ fixed, pre-press to see first oil lasts, return of the piston, the remaining cake into the official press (general hydraulic press can hold cake 20) .
③ press time when the movable handle pressure wash to gently press pressure, forced to be uniform, and not too much force, otherwise prone to accidents.
④ high oil content of oil press (such as peanuts, rapeseed), pressing the first pass first with a low-pressure pump, the oil after the switch to the high-pressure pump.
⑤ work when pressure gauge pointer is found not go back to zero, should promptly check, repair or replacement.
⑥ Open the return valve, the oil will automatically back into the tank, the piston automatically fall, you can unload pressing.
3, maintenance
① pump pressure oil to be filtered, the concentration is not too large, it is best to use canola oil, soybean oil and peanut oil, etc., prohibit the use of gasoline, kerosene and other flammable oil.
② To keep the tank clean inside, every three months or so to work to clean the tank, and replace with new oil, or the oil tank remove the filter before use. Impurities within the oil will cause the oil pump wear and blockage of press work.
③ pump handle and connecting pins, and often add oil to reduce wear.
④ press should be installed for indoor use, in order to avoid an open-air wind and rain, causing rust and cooking oil pollution.
⑤ When long-term parking, the machine should wipe, oiled, and close the shield.

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