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Select First press, choose health!
Time:2015-07-06 11:28:21

Select First press, choose health! Food safety has become a topic of widespread concern people's livelihood, it aroused great attention of government departments. Forster press so that people at home will be able to squeeze a healthy cooking oil, to choose their own oil, more fresh and healthy, burn out naturally more delicious dishes. Low-grade oil, waste oil, First press for your sole exclusion for just your health. Select First press, choose healthy!
Forster press wide range of press, adapt all oil crops, it can be used for crushing rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, sunflower, tung seed and other oil. And because First press compact design, easy installation, using three pressing and vacuum filtration systems, thus greatly improving the quality of oil to ensure that the taste is pure, authentic. And the oil is higher than the average rate of about 4% ordinary press, while the energy consumption drop than the average 35% reduction in the ordinary press, production efficiency of about 50 percent on average than conventional press.
First press for castor Aberdeen, peanuts, soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed and other oil crops squeeze out of oil, so press outstanding, for veal. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, health, nutrition, health became our topic of concern, consume less power, better quality First press cake hot, use in China's rural wider, quality guaranteed.
In such a situation, DIY homemade healthy oil gradually become rigid pursuit of healthy consumer demand. This created a natural demand in the home appliance market segments rise for this product.
Press majority of the market, taking into account the needs of customers gradually growing, First press multi-level press the way, you can achieve a virgin net effect. Meanwhile, Forster press virgin oil refining integration ensures pure, in line with national health and quarantine standards. Finally, Forster press was conceived and designed to achieve the mechanical and electrical integration. Its design scientific, rational structure, the use of fully automated device, easy operation, security and stability, First press through mid-dozen glorious history, has become the industry's banner.

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